What is the gut microbiome?

Is it true you are what you eat?
People used to say that our genetics were independently responsible for our immunity, but as science has developed, we understand how important our gut is when considering our health and wellbeing. 
The gut microbiome is a very important organ in our functioning and everyones is unique. The seed for our microbiome is created before we are born, but how it develops and changes is developed by the food we eat. So as the saying goes, you are what you eat, quite literally! 
It is possible to balance the gut, which maintains health wellbeing and protects. Equally, the gut is the perfect point of attack from harmful bacterias, and needs caring for in order to function optimally.
Organisms in our gut microbiome feed on different things, some like fibres and leafy greens, whilst others like sugars and starches. Eating healthily breeds bacteria that like healthy food, but alternatively, if we eat a lot of processed-food, we then breed processed-food loving bacteria.
A healthy gut microbiome results in more energy, less likelihood of sickness and better mental wellbeing. Chemical messengers such as serotonin and dopamine, dictating our moods and motivation levels have been heavily linked to the gut, so it is very important to provide yourself with the nutrients required for these to produce! 
KIN protein is simple with just 6 ingredients, and benefits the gut microbiome being gluten free, with non GMO blends and added fibre. Incorporating this into your diet, alongside balanced nutrient-dense meals, will be sure to contribute to a healthy gut microbiome, you can thank us later! 

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