Gut yourself some sleep...

Finding yourself struggling to get to sleep or having disrupted rest? Maybe it’s your gut… 
Gut rid of those foods keeping you from your sleep! Here are 5 foods that might be keeping you up, and what you might want to replace them with: 
  • As delicious as it is, there is up to 80mg of caffeine in dark chocolate (which is the same as a can of Red Bull!). A yummy, yet sleep-promoting alternative to satisfy your sweet cravings before bed is KIN’s Vegan Dark Choc Protein powder!
  • Avoid slow-digesting foods before bed, like broccoli, onions and carrots, as these will keep moving within your digestive system throughout the night. Bananas are a good alternative as they contain sleep-inducing tryptophan and magnesium as well as potassium, reducing the risk of cramps at night.
  • Avoid high-fat foods like mozzarella sticks and crisps as they disrupt sleep cycles. Why not replace them with a better before bed snack like Edamame? As simple as boiled soybeans in the pod, served with a sprinkle of salt! This provides high levels of magnesium, shown to improve the quality of sleep in people suffering with insomnia. 
  • Caffeinated foods and beverages are stimulants, even those labelled as decaf have been found to have only 5 mg less than levels high enough to interfere with sleep! A good alternative for a late night warm beverage is a chamomile tea, whilst there is no scientific evidence to prove this aids rest, this has been used as a traditional calming remedy for years.
  • Got your movie munchies at the ready? Your typical ultra-processed snack foods have been researched to increase the chances of nightmares. Non-fat popcorn is a much better alternative, combatting the fullness as well as keeping you from getting spooked!

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